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Application Security

We are experts in application security and source code review, as well as reverse engineering and binary exploitation. We can perform blackbox or whitebox security audit of web, mobile or desktop applications, IoT firmware, custom application servers and security mitigations.

Penetration Testing

We conduct penetration test both in a form of Red Teaming and Security Assessment, initial information can range from full blackbox to full whitebox. Threat models and actors can include insiders, internal penetration testing, social engineering, etc.

Threat Hunting

We are building a search engine and a network of honeypots for detecting regular and advanced threats in public and private sources including Deep Web and non-public discussion boards. Analytical and linguistical capabilities of our system allow to quickly detect information leaks, planned attacks and generate IOCs.

Awareness Training

We know how to challenge user security awareness and how to improve it after years of performing penetration tests including social engineering techniques. We provide a subscription service for regular phishing attacks and learning materials to train your employees to resist human-factor threats.

Bug Bounty

We can provide a private Red Team for you to launch a Bug Bounty program. We will process the reports and help to evaluate them and also develop regression tests to further improve DevOps and find similar bugs, reducing your costs. This is subscription service, we don't intervene in your settlments with researchers.

Vulnerability Management

We also provide a subscription service which includes regular network and application vulnerability scans with several commercial and open-source scanners and further semi-manual verification and automatic informing about new open ports, network services and vulnerabilities.

Security Consulting

We give a piece of advice to those who are designing an infrastructure or application or is facing urgent threats. We will discuss which risks should you be concerned with, how to reduce them, what are industry best practices, how to optimize your costs and how to act now.

DDoS testing

We simulate powerfull and smart DDoS attacks, both network and application layer. Prior to testing, we can also conduct a performance audit and profiling of your system, find vulnerabilities affecting the stability. During testing we monitor network and application latency for analytics and recommendations.

Blockchain security

We provide special terms for blockchain companies to secure their dApps and Initial Coin Offering campaigns. Services may include standard penetration testing, social engineering, consulting, brand monitoring, smart contract audit.


We develop competence and conduct researches in various ares of modern tech and computer science, including machine learning, distributed applications, smart devices. Therefore, we may find an appropriate solution for wide range of problems you could encounter with.

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